I Just Want to Write

When I have no body to talk to and to share with, I choose to write.
When I have no idea to say about what I have in mind, I choose to write.
When I can’t stand to let my secret out, I choose to write.
I just want to write.

Writing makes me think of how to make good sentences.
Writing let me consider the best words to explain something.
Writing helps me keep something to recall my best memory.
I just want to write.

Doesn’t the writing allow human to move to a better civilization?
Isn’t Romeo and Juliet exist for Shakespeare’s writing?
Isn’t the glory of a nation acknowledged for its written history?
I just want to write.

The earth rotates orbiting the sun.
People are busy working to get money.
Many of them sacrifice others to get their own “happiness”.
I just want to write.


Is there anyone?

Holiday. It’s a word I hardly hear since I’ve been working being journalist – jorunalist to-be indeed – these few months. And today, I got it, yes it is, holiday, which almost pass. (cry)..

And when the day off comes, I feel like it’s not such thing as the way it is. You know why it goes so? It’s simply because I spend all the time sleeping, taking a rest, and something like releasing stress that came up into my mind a week before.

Being in this kind of job makes me so selfish, ignorant, and even cruel. It’s like I don’t aware of the situation and people around me. What I think of everyday is just how to get the job done.

It was my mom who made me realize about this. Few days ago, she called me when I’d just woken up in the morning. As usual, at first she asked me how I was and I said I was alright. And then she asked me something that touched me and made me think of it even times.

“Where’ve you been? There’s been nothing I hear about you for long time? When will you come home?” asked her. To be honest, I needed much time to think of the answer. But then I said, “I’m here. Working. So busy, tired, and stuffs.” And she asked me back. “Do you often visit your brothers and sisters, how are they?” Again, I confused to answer this. But something I didn’t expect spoken out. “I don’t know, they also never keep in touch with me.” My mother silenced. Then, I turned to another topic.

Have been living for about two weeks at my new kosan (dorm), I just knew two names of, I guess, twenty names staying at the same dorm. I don’t know even who stay next to my dorm. I just recognize the faces. I think like, ok now I have no time to know you, may be next time. And this kind of thought alienate me. Me now is far different from me few years ago.

I really want to talk about this. But I don’t know who the one who will listen to what I’m going to say what in mind. I need someone who can make me out of this situation. And I’m still looking for him/her. Is there anyone?

Inner Contact

Yesterday I got an accident. It happened when my friends and I were going to have dinner together someplace. We were each riding a motorcycle. At first, we went together, but because of the traffic, we were separated. Then, I was on my own and left behind.

When I was going to turn left next to an intersection, I was still in the middle of the road. At that time, the traffic was very crowded, so it was quite hard for me to ride on the left side. And when I was trying to turn left, the accident happened. The back of the motorcycle I was riding was hit by a car behind me. It made me lost my control for awhile, but I kept moving. Meanwhile, horns were screaming from my left and right side. Then, I rode the motorcycle to the edge of the road and stopped by to relax my mind. I took a deep breath and thank God I was alright.

A few hours ago, my mother called me. Her voice was very low and she spoke slowly. She asked me how I was, and I said I was alright. A minute later, she cried. She said to me that she had thought of me since yesterday. And to my surprise, she asked me not to speed when riding, and to always pray to God before and while riding the motorcycle. I said, “Yes, Mom, I always do that. Thanks for reminding me, anyway.”

I don’t understand why she said that, because I didn’t tell anything about what was happening to me yesterday. However, when she said that, I just thought of the accident. I’m kinda thinking like, she feels what I feel. I did get an accident in here, and she felt this in hundreds kilometers away outhere. Perhaps, this is what people say as “inner contact”. A contact between a mother and her child.

From now on, I promise to myself to make my mother happy and not to make her worry about me. Love you, Mom.

Movie Review: The Ramen Girl

If you love cross-cultural movie, The Ramen Girl is the one to watch. Not only the movie is inspiring, but it’s also touching and funny. It tells about an American girl who wants to learn how to cook Ramen (Japanese noodle) to get away from the misery of her life. She does all her efforts to be a Ramen girl.

The story starts with Abby (Brittany Murphy) coming to Tokyo from America to meet her boyfriend Ethan who has a business in there. However, after they meet each other in Tokyo, the boy dissapointed her and just left her. Desperate with this situation, the girl has nothing to do and nowhere to go until finally she decides to learn how to cook Ramen from the owner of the Ramen shop next to her apartment.

At the beginning of her training to cook Ramen, she meets a Japanese boy Toshi (Sohee Park) who used to go to college in US. They soon have a romantic relationship because they think they have something in common; they have difficulty to do what they really want because of the situation. Unfortunately, the boy then have to commute to work in Shanghai and thus he has to leave Abby. He asks her to go with him, but the girl refuses. She thinks that she has to do what she wants to do: to learn how to cook Ramen. Continue reading