Just Enjoy the Process

It is true that it’s never been easy to build your own business. People will be full of questions about your business, either it is product or service. They even don’t show their interest at all if the product or service you offer is just the same as the others, or it doesn’t make any difference. In this step, some people give up, while some others keep trying until they finally succeed.

This happens to me nowadays. It has been two weeks since I put on the banner of my new english course in front of my parents’ house in Kuningan. Thanks to my brother, the classroom has also been provided with 10 chairs and a whiteboard, which are comfortable to use.

Besides the banner, i also did several marketing strategies to get as many as students for my new english course. Some of them are to spread hundreds pieces of brochures to students of SMP 1 Garawangi, SMA 1 Garawangi, and MTs Yaspika.

And today, i came again to SMA 1 Garawangi to promote my course directly to the students. However, it failed for the school policy. The headmaster said, another course had already been promoted to school, which had got many students already. The owner of the course is one of the english teachers at the school. I couldn’t say anything.

Then i went to  SMPN 1 Garawangi, also to promote my course. It was very surprising when i got there, because one of the english teacher is my friend. We were the students of the SMP. Besides, I met some SMP teachers of mine who still remember me. I was so blown away.

I came in to the classroom after i got permission from the teacher. As usual, i couldn’t stand teaching in large class, but i tried to give my best performance. The students seemed to have lots of fun when I teach English with games. I gave them Run to the Board and Charade games. They enjoyed the games. I taught that in two classes of about 35 students each.

After i taught and promoted my course at the same time, i gave the students questionnaire about my performance, their difficulties in learning english, what they want to master in english, and the last but not least, is whether they will register immadiately afterwards to my course.

The result shows that, almost 90 percent of the students like my performance and think that it is enjoyable. However, it’s also 90 percent of them still hesitate to register to my course.

From that point, i learn that it doesnt only need strategy to be successful, but it also needs strong mental when the strategy seems not to work. For me it’s kind of process and i have to pass it through. So, just enjoy the process, and keep praying to God. 🙂







5 thoughts on “Just Enjoy the Process

  1. The intention was the most subtle form, but the result is the most powerful.
    Its location the earliest, but most affect the final result.
    Not because of brave, we go …
    But stepping Because, eventually we become brave …
    We determine the level of seriousness of our achievements and influence us.Only hasillah the real impact.

    keep fighting
    keep spirit
    keep istiqomah
    inshaa allah man jadda wajadda, man shobaru zhafira ^^

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