Find Your Passion

My teacher once said that a man with knowledge would not be neglected. It means that nothing compares to the man if he has a specific skill, called as professionalism. To be professional in one specific thing is better than to do many things without having special skill on them. That’s the point.

It’s funny since I have realized that for a long time, but I still cannot implement it in my life. As most people say, to do it is not as easy as to say it. That’s what really happens to me. I often move from one thing to another even when the first thing has not finished yet. This is because I often look at a person who is good in something and I think I can do it as well so that I try to do it. However, when I look at another man doing well in another thing, I turn to try to do it as well. As a result, I get nothing from what I have done besides seeing my face which is getting older. Sounds scary, huh??

It is true that there will always be trials and errors. But if you try something only because other people do it, then what you do is the error itself. It is because you don’t do it with passion. You do it only because you wanna be look like other people, not because you love to do it. Here is the key; to do something must be with passion and love.

Passion, therefore, is something that makes you do something completely. It gives you power even though when you feel tired. It gives you much energy to move even when you feel like dying. The passion is like the machine of a vehicle or even battery of kid’s toys. Once you find your passion, you’ll find fun and joy in whatever you do.

People who succeeded in their carriers are those who have passion in what they do. With passion, a writer can finish his hundreds-page book in just a few weeks, a singer can write a song lyric in just a few minutes, a motivator can inspire millions of people through his motivational words, and so forth.

Passion does make someone to be professional. And thus, the man will never be neglected by other people.

Saturday afternoon here in the north coast of West Java, I’m trying to find what my passion will be. I should’ve found it earlier since in my 27 of age now, I should’ve been “something”. However, better late than never. Isn’t it?