Get Well, Mom

Saturday, Desember 24, 2011.

At home in Kuningan with my mom. She is not feeling well since my father decided to go to India for his spiritual journey. She seems doesn’t want to let him go, but she couldn’t do anything.

My father went to India yesterday. He will be in the country for four months. He’s not allowed to call or receive call from his family, including my mother. Let’s say, he loses contact from us, his family.

That’s why I’m here to make sure that my mother is alright, which is actually happens. My mother is now getting well and I’m happy for that.

I wish I could stay here with my mom for several days but I have to get back to work on Monday. So tomorrow I need to go to Bandung.

I hope my coming home makes my mother happy. I just wanna show how much I care about her. Love you, Mom. Get well soon. Here I always pray for your goodness.
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