Reset My Goals

I will be 25 this year. It’s the age in which I should have done “something.” But I think, I haven’t done that “something.” What’s wrong with me?

Life has changed. It really has. I am now different from I was. At least, I’m now economic independent. Now I can buy what I need instantly because I have money that I earn from the company I work for. And I’m very grateful for that.

People around me think that change as improvement, achievement-whatever- of my life. My family, my brothers and sisters think that I’m very lucky to get all those things. And I think they are happy and maybe proud of me.

But that is contrary to what I feel, at least this time. I feel that I haven’t done any improvement or progress. I think I haven’t reached my goals that I made earlier.

Perhaps, it’s time for me to reset my goals and make steps to achive them. I’m sure I can, because I have a big potential.

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One thought on “Reset My Goals

  1. smga apa pun yg kamu inginkan terkabul….
    amin.. ^_^
    kamu pasti bisa mengapai semua impian mu dengan berkerja keras dan berdoa truz…

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