I Need Someone

According to psychological test, I’m a Sanguine person. It says, I’m kind of person who tends to use analysis to respond to the happening situation. It also says, that I tend to keep problems and find the solution by myself. Sometimes I feel this true, but another time, I think this even much annoying.

The truth is, I need someone to talk to and to share with every time I have problems in life. But I don’t know why I think I cannot find that person. I’m confused who the one is. Is there anyone who can understand my situation clearly? Is there anyone who can make me calm when I feel chaotic? Is there anyone who can control my emotion when I feel my head is like gonna blow up?

For many times, as always, writing is my choice to put what I have in mind. I feel free to do this, since I can express whatever I want to say without interruption. I don’t care if there is anyone who reads my story and tell others about this.

These days I feel like dying, being in between, whatever. I cannot concentrate doing my job, I don’t know what to do, and I’m afraid something bad will happen to me if I do something wrong.

I do have conflict with my family. One of my sisters, she has to do with me. She has her strict ambition and I have my own will. This two contradictory sides somehow manage to meet, which is really hard to happen.

When this happens, something unusual comes up. The contradictory sides meet, but another side becomes separated. This is what is really happening to me now.

Honestly, I need someone to talk. I hope there will be the one who can tackle this with me. Hopefully.


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