Inner Contact

Yesterday I got an accident. It happened when my friends and I were going to have dinner together someplace. We were each riding a motorcycle. At first, we went together, but because of the traffic, we were separated. Then, I was on my own and left behind.

When I was going to turn left next to an intersection, I was still in the middle of the road. At that time, the traffic was very crowded, so it was quite hard for me to ride on the left side. And when I was trying to turn left, the accident happened. The back of the motorcycle I was riding was hit by a car behind me. It made me lost my control for awhile, but I kept moving. Meanwhile, horns were screaming from my left and right side. Then, I rode the motorcycle to the edge of the road and stopped by to relax my mind. I took a deep breath and thank God I was alright.

A few hours ago, my mother called me. Her voice was very low and she spoke slowly. She asked me how I was, and I said I was alright. A minute later, she cried. She said to me that she had thought of me since yesterday. And to my surprise, she asked me not to speed when riding, and to always pray to God before and while riding the motorcycle. I said, “Yes, Mom, I always do that. Thanks for reminding me, anyway.”

I don’t understand why she said that, because I didn’t tell anything about what was happening to me yesterday. However, when she said that, I just thought of the accident. I’m kinda thinking like, she feels what I feel. I did get an accident in here, and she felt this in hundreds kilometers away outhere. Perhaps, this is what people say as “inner contact”. A contact between a mother and her child.

From now on, I promise to myself to make my mother happy and not to make her worry about me. Love you, Mom.


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